Sonolus Wiki



  • Complete rewrite.
  • Improved UI and UX.
  • New Macaw audio engine: less memory consumption, better offsets, and wider range of audio format support.
  • Added built-in English language.
  • Added better page navigation.
  • Added EffectAudio to effects.
  • Added customizable foreground and background colors to gameplay UI.
  • Added multiple device offsets.
  • Added FPS to developer settings.
  • Added touch to developer settings.
  • Changed Mod to do mathematical modulo.
  • Changed spawnOrder callback to execute after optimization system.
  • Changed GPU particle system to off by default.
  • Removed EffectClip from effects.
  • Removed Execute0 function.
  • Removed spawnOrder callback's ability to write to immutable blocks.
  • Removed built-in padding for gameplay UI.