Sonolus Wiki



  • Increased engine version number.
  • Added update collection item.
  • Added infinite pagination support.
  • Added anti-aliasing value to Level Data block.
  • Added terminate callback.
  • Added HasSkinSprite, HasEffectClip, and HasParticleEffect.
  • Added offsets section in level configuration.
  • Added engine configuration.
  • Improved level configuration.
  • Changed memory blocks to memorize initial values after preprocess callback.
  • Changed Switch, SwithWithDefault, SwitchInteger, and SwitchIntegerWithDefault to return executed branch.
  • Changed bucket index in Level Input block to start at 0th, with initial value -1.
  • Removed vertical align in Level UI block.
  • Fixed saving collection items to another collection.
  • Fixed PlayScheduled may desync due to large offsets.