Sonolus Wiki

Tutorial: Lifecycle

An overview of a Sonolus level's lifecycle during tutorial.


Preparation runs once and only once before the start of tutorial, and prepares the runtime for tutorial.

Preparation consists of early optimization system, preprocessing system, and late optimization system.

Early Optimization System

Early optimization system is responsible for optimizing nodes to improve code performance.

Preprocessing System

Preprocessing system is responsible for setting up or modifying blocks to be used throughout the tutorial.

Late Optimization System

Late optimization system is responsible for optimizing nodes to further improve code performance.

Update Cycle

Update cycle runs continuously every frame during tutorial.

Update cycle consists of navigate system, update system, and presentation system.

Navigate system is responsible for processing user navigation events.

Update System

Update system is responsible for updating.

Presentation System

Presentation system is responsible for presenting skin sprites, effect clips, particle effects, and instruction icons.